About This Station

The station is powered by Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station. The data is collected every 2.25 seconds and the site is updated every 5 minutes. This site and its data is collected using Weather Display Software.Weather-Display.com The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. The entire site uses various PHP Scripts that automatically receive the data being displayed


About This City

Northport, NY The original inhabitants of the area now known as Northport were the Matinecocks, one of 13 Native American tribes of Long Island. The Matinecocks called this land Opcathontyche, which meant "wading place creek".[2] After Dutch interest a few years earlier, the land was sold by Chief Asharoken, head of the Matinecocks, to three Englishmen in 1656.[3] With land that was well suited for farming, the early settlers grazed cattle on pastures around the harbor. The area soon became known as Great Cow Harbor.[4] (The nearby hamlet of Centerport was known as Little Cow Harbor.) The oldest house still standing in Northport, the Skidmore House on Main Street, was built in 1761. In 2009 the house was put up for sale, sparking the village to pass a historical preservation law.[5]



About This Website

This site is a template design by CarterLake.org with PHP conversion by Saratoga-Weather.org.
Special thanks go to Chris, his website gateway2capecod.com looked so well put together that I asked his assistance, he could not of been more helpful, thank you Chris. Special thanks go to Kevin Reed at TNET Weather for his work on the original Carterlake templates, and his design for the common website PHP management.
Special thanks to Mike Challis of Long Beach WA for his wind-rose generator, Theme Switcher and CSS styling help with these templates.
Special thanks go to Ken True of Saratoga-Weather.org for the AJAX conditions display, dashboard and integration of the TNET Weather common PHP site design for this site.

Cloud base graphic courtesy of Bashewa Weather

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Server/Weather Station Status

Server Spec: Intel(R) Core(TM) IS-3470 CPU - Total Memory -16GB 4 Cores- Blair Technology
Windows Version: Windows 10 Home Edition
Total Packets Received/Missed: 10020 10 0 2736 1
VP2 Reception: 100%
Console Battery: 4.4 Volts
ISS Status: Ok
Windows Uptime: 56 Days 2 Hours 18 Minutes 10 Seconds
Free Memory: 12.75GB
Weather Display Last Reboot: 4:38:44 PM 4/24/2024